Salary Data

e see more sectors not reporting changes to salaries (H1’2016, 4%) and less decreasing salaries (H1’2016, 57%). Increase in sectors not reporting changes to salaries and increased salaries could have been a result of mid-year salary reviews. As per results from other aspects of the survey, we see increased optimism and hiring within the Manufacturing/ Engineering/ Industrial sectors which is also reflected in more reporting an increase in salaries to retain and attract talent. However across board, the trend of cautious hiring, lengthening of recruitment cycle and increased hiring of contract employees is expected to persist till 2017.

The Market Outlook report aims to look at the optimism of the market based on the hiring plans for each half of the year. Responses to RGF’s Market Outlook Report for H2’2016 was consolidated in Q3’2016 via online and phone polls. We personally contacted more than 500 professionals, consisting of C to director, senior and middle level management, where most of them hold regional portfolios. Respondents from different sectors were well represented:

Consumer & Digital Media
Financial Services
Healthcare & Life Science/ Pharmaceutical
Professional Services
RGF Market Outlook_Expected Salary Change H22016

Posted On 2016-08-11