~Interviewing Key Person of the World –by Recruit Group Local Office ~ 

Mr. Masao Miyamoto 
RGF HR Agent Branch Manager, PT. BRecruit Indonesia General Manager
Konosuke Doi 

Vision of ITO EN Group is to become the “Global Tea Company”. In Indonesia, ITO EN’s business started as a joint venture with “ULTRAJAYA”, the largest milk beverage company in 2013. Current Indonesia has the fourth largest population which continues to increase and for the consumer business, the market continues to expand. We had are delighted to have Mr. Masao Miyamoto from PT ITO EN ULTRAJAYA WHOLESALE, who is the key person for ITO EN to launch the business in Indonesia to talk about the business strategy, working as the joint venture or the know-how on management. 

【Global Business for ITO EN】

●Starting from North America, Next Step to Asia 

Doi (Hereinafter D:) Can you tell us about ITO EN's global expansion plans? 
Miyamoto (Hereinafter M:) This is my third year in ITO EN.
ITO EN, began its expansion in 1987 at first to Hawaii, then to Australia and North America. We started from highly health conscious market selling sugar-free tea. 

●For me "Global Tea Company" means that brand is acknowledged
M: Our philosophy of becoming a “Global Tea Company” began around the time we started selling in Asian markets. There is no single definition for a global tea company. You could imagine it as going anywhere around the world and finding ITO EN products in the store, or think about green tea being good for your health and is accepted globally. I personally think that being a “Global Tea Company” means that the brand is acknowledged. The brand could be both corporate brand and the product brand. To become a “Global Tea Company” means both the corporate brand as ITO EN and the product brand of “Oi Ocha” is penetrated in the market. Upon the brand being acknowledged, I think this is a natural form of the product being on the shelf or people drinking our products.

【What are the types of people needed?】
●Comparing capabilities and passion, we need passion, as those who have it will grow and people will want to support them.
M: Upon determining the hiring, I carefully try to determine if this person has the capability which means skills and experiences and passion which means if they have strong will. Experience will grow but those who lacks the experiences but has passion, those are the ones I feel I’d like to support the growth
D: As an external party, it will become very important for us to assess what types of person we’re seeing and what are the true reasons for changing the job

【Corporate Culture】
●Teamwork, Team ITO EN ULTRAJAYA
D: As I am in an HR business, I’m interested to hear about expatriates’ roles to create people culture and corporate culture. Recruit, our parent company has culture and this is something difficult to copy. Not only in Japan but if we can come closer, I think it will become part of the unique advantages. Having said so, I’m interested to hear how you try to bring in ITO EN’s strength to the local company where the background is very different. 
M: In ITO EN, the word “TEAM ITO EN” is deeply rooted. Work as team, do as team is strongly embedded in our motives. We have this teamwork within one of our three Standard Behaviors. I always ask the local members to thoroughly work as team. 
D: I hope we can assist you through your human resources. 
M: Will look forward. 
D: Thank you for today's interview. I personally had great fun talking to you. 

Masao Miyamoto 
Born 1966 in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Graduated Ritsumeikan University in 1990, past experiences includes automotive manufacturer, NGO, consumer products manufacturer and joined ITO EN in 2012. Core experiences are sales and marketing. During 20s, stayed in Ho Chi Minh City for 1 year, following 30s, 7 years in Jakarta both as expatriates, Miyamoto's career is about Asia's growth. In ITO EN, works in joint venture with the Indonesian beverage manufacturer, enjoys staying Jakarta for the second time working hard to expand the newly launched tea beverage brand "Kiyora". 
RGF HR Agent Indonesia, Office Manager / PT. BRecruit Indonesia・General Manager 
Konosuke Doi 
Born 1984, joined Recruit in 2008. Worked mainly for mid-career recruitment for sales planning, sales promotions and external negotiations. Raising hands to go overseas, joined RGF which is the global arm of Recruit's businesses outside Japan at the time of launch for Japan originated client's recruitment in Indonesia. From 2013, working in Jakarta, currently manages Indonesia and Thailand business. In Indonesia, works together with the Indonesian Country Manager for MNCs and local company recruitment services. 
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Posted On 2015-03-13