~ Interviewing Key Person of the World –by Recruit Group Local Office ~
ITOCHU Finance (Asia) Limited     Managing Director    Mr. Chiharu HIGUCHI
RGF Hong Kong     General Manager    Mr. Norihisa TAKAYAMA
Mr. Higuchi and Mr. Takayama met at the Hong Kong Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Both of them have common interests like hiking and running. They are working hard together right now in Hong Kong. 
 [What kind of business is ITOCHU doing in Hong Kong?]
T: What exactly does ITOCHU do in Hong Kong?

A: We work on financial investment in Hong Kong and China. We mainly work on 4 sectors, including consumer finance, investment in China, lease business and car finance.
T: How does ITOCHU run the financial business as a general trading company (sogo shosha)?
A: Japan is the base of our financial business, and we have offices at Hong Kong, Thailand and England. We utilize our technology and knowledge gained as a sogo shosha in the financial field. We try to dig out business opportunities and attempt to maximize benefits for the investments. 
T: What is the cover area of the Hong Kong office?
A: Our staff is now at China, including Beijing and Shenzhen, and of course, Hong Kong. We are going to expand our service to the ASEAN in the near future.
T: What is your opinion on India’s position in the business market?
A: From financial point of view, India is really a difficult market. There are 10 times more Indians than Japanese. It is a difficult number to handle. Therefore, as the first step, ITOCHU prefer to start developing from the ASEAN region.
T: Most profits of your company are gained from the South China. Why do you decide to establish your overseas branch at Hong Kong?
A: Consumer finance was originally initiated in Hong Kong but China has already taken over its place as the main growing market. Nevertheless, Hong Kong is still attractive in the financial industry as we can do fund-raising globally. 
[What do you expect from RGF?]
T: You have appointed several candidates referred from us to your key positions. Frankly speaking, what do you expect from us?
A: To be honest, we can easily find a substitute when we seek candidates for general office positions. Yet, Recruit is a well-established company that we believe we should not miss you out when we look for key persons in the company. We work with all recruitment partners on a fair base and we will choose candidates once they match our expectations.
Moreover, candidates must embrace the entrepreneur spirit. Otherwise, he/she does not match our needs even he/she may possess professional knowledge such as derivative or market, etc. 
“Do you want to be the boss?” is also an important belief in our company. We wish our people to think big, e.g. to earn a billion, instead of those being too conservative or without good idea inspiration. 
 [Profile of Mr. Chiharu HIGUCHI]
Born in 1962. Joined ITOCHU Corporation after his graduation from Yokohama National University.
1986-88   Studied Arabic languages in Cairo for two years
1993-99   Stationed in Istanbul, Turkey

Starting from 2011   Staying in Hong Kong


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Posted On 2015-01-21