It’s easy to hit the ‘crisis-mode’ when the going get tough. However, as the old adage goes, ‘when the going get tough, the tough get going’. With global economies in a twist, the going can be defined as ‘tough’ right now.

So what do the tough do?

They figure out what’s next, they get together as a community to spot opportunities and use these times to try out bold new ideas. We at RGF, are doing just that.

‘The Future of HR’ is an initiative in that direct: a positive outreach conference to bring together some of the best-thinking minds from various walks of the corporate diaspora to provide food for thought, a list of actionable ideas and to question the old world order.

With 24 speakers in multiple formats of on-stage engagement, The Future of HR is completely focused on how human resources need to be designed in the future workplace. Four panels focused on Asia, Collaborative, Disruptive and Technological aspects of HR, a round table session for delegates to interact amongst themselves and 4 sessions by leading entrepreneurs, CEOs and HR heads with content not heard at other events.

With more than 100 organizations already registered to attend, interested folks can apply for an invite at

We also caught up with the speakers prior to the event and here’s what they had to share.

Asia’s human resource future is headed in which direction?

“As more transactions for employees become automated, effective HR professionals of the future will need to build the ability to hold a crystal ball to the future trends for the business.

That will need competencies in cognitive and predictive analytics, outside in focus to the HR function and a deep understanding of market forces. HR professionals will themselves need to transform into highly analytical technology savvy change architects.” Commented Pallavi Srivastava, Country Human Resources Director, IBM.

IBM employed close to 378,000 people in 2015 (Source: Statistica) and has been very active in organizational transformation.

What is the mindset human resource heads would need to learn effectively from leaner organizations?

“Never has HR been in as terrible a crisis as now. Senior executives are leaving to start their own firms, middle management thinks HR is bureaucratic drudgery and new generation of entrepreneurs think the entire HR function is obsolete.

Heads of HR have to entirely re-imagine their relevance and usefulness to the new enterprise.”

Dark? Not really.

Mahesh Murthy’s fifty+ investee start-ups ranging in all sizes employ more than five thousand team members. Ground realities, talent retention issues and innovative human resource processes come naturally in start-ups and are an excellent stomping ground to spot the latest HR trends.

So, the success of HR transformation lies on which three pillars?

“Successful HR transformation initiatives require a steadfast focus on change management; in preparing the organization for change, making the case for change, and implementing the change. Moreover, they require a strong vision backed by evidence-based management principles. Finally, successful HR transformations can’t happen without a dedicated and competent HR team, without dedicated and engaged employees,” says Stephane Michaud, Senior Director at Human Link Asia, a Mitsubishi Corporation Company.

The latest tech disruption at the workplace, is incidentally called Workplace as well and has been designed by none other than Facebook.

Nakul Patel, Workplace Growth, APAC, Facebook comments, “Today’s workplaces are complex. People spend most of their daily lives working & companies need better ways to work together and get things done. We want to make companies more open and connected with Workplace.”

There would be live tweets for Future of HR: Technology. Disruptive. Collaborative . To get live insights into the talking points, happenings and interviews, you can follow us at @RGFSingapore or else snippets of the events would also be shared on our LinkedIn Page during and after the conference. The hashtag for this event would be #RGFSingapore.

Posted On 2016-11-04