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Company overview

Our client is start up IT company who create mobile app.

Job description

* Create (i.e. get new investors) and and manage the relations with investors. Our investors will consist of crypto investors and stakeholders (in near future)

* Conduct persuasive (cum sales) talk and seminar with investors and prospective investors and persuade investors from the talk to buy token or invest into the company. The investors can consists of private investors, corporate, or investment companies.

* Represent the company in live interview (online/offline) on/for various medias such as youtube/facebook live, articles, newspaper, radio show, etc

* Create and maintain investment community on the platform that we have (Telegram, website, SNS)

* Plan for event/seminar for canvassing or fund raising from investors

* Handle the investors expectations regardless of the market situation

* The IR person will have KPI to increase the number of investors in the community pool he/she is handling and also in getting certain amount of investment from investors.


- Strong presentation skills
- Strong communication skills
- Strong speaking skills
- Ability to speak English is a must to liaise with internal and external clients.
- Ability to speak Chinese is preferred but not required to liaise with internal and external clients.

Additional information

Salary range: SGD3000-4000

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