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Company overview

About the Client: A Japanese artist management firm for Pianists to promote and spread awareness of classical piano in pop music.

Job description

- Provide focused, direct day-to-day guidance for artists

- Liaise and coordinate with local promoters, venues, contractors, royalty collection agencies, music publishers for concert tours in 40 cities worldwide

- Coordinate recording, publishing and manufacturing of CDs and music books, as well as royalty collection and copyright clearance matters

- Source for and negotiate with sponsors and partners

- Tour management for artists involving social media, merchandise sales, social media, fan engagement, publicity, and advertising


-Good command of English, Chinese and Japanese languages to communicate with international counterparts
-Strong interest in travel (especially to Japan)
-Meticulous, consistent and highly organised, with excellent problem-solving skills
-Minimum 3 years' experience in relevant fields

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