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Job description

Our Client:

The client is a leading provider of end-to-end ICT-based business solutions for the global marketplace.

The Resposibilities:

* Develop disaster recovery plans for physical locations with essential IT assets and systems for internal and external customers.
* Lead the effort to create and maintain IT disaster recovery plans, maintain documentation regarding test results and manage continuous improvement process, exercises and program strategy.
* Lead the testing and rehearsal of documented disaster recovery strategies and plans partnering with Infrastructure, Application and Business leaders for internal and external customers.
* Write reports to summarize activities, including descriptions of goals, planning, scheduling, execution, results, analysis, conclusions, and recommendations.
* Partner with IT and Business BCP leaders to develop acceptable recovery time & recovery point goals for essential systems, and maintain the listing of essential applications.
* Administer Business Continuity plans meant to preserve business operations after a natural disaster or other disruptive event that affect company operated facilities.
* Drive the inventory, classification, ranking, and documentation of business processes.
* Drive the creation and administration of business process recovery and management incident response plans.
* Assist in the development of backup or recovery plans for critical business functions.
* Gather, interpret and ensure Business Impact Analysis (BIA) are conducted for all departments by guiding each departments' risk and business impact analysis.
* Work collaboratively with stakeholder DR, CERT and CSIRT team to ensure business resumption strategies, goals and initiatives are aligned.
* Drive the annual BCP plan maintenance operation internally and externally.

The Requirements:

* Bachelor's Degree in IT Related program with more than 3 years' related experience.
* Deep understanding and experience with BCP and IT Disaster Recovery, techniques, principles, methodologies and supporting technologies.
* Familiarity with legacy and modern application architectures & related technologies (Web applications, Web Services, Service Oriented Architectures, Micro services) and of network/web related protocols. Also requires understanding of Storage and backup services.
* Must understand cloud computing and using IAAS services for IT DR.

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