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Job number JO-200629-220540

Job description

Our Client:

Large International Life Insurance Company.

The Responsibilities:

* Develops internal control policies, tools, and practices to analyze and report enterprise risks, and to manage risks, (especially in the legal and compliance related areas including AML, ABC, and PDPA), according to the local laws, regulations and an internal control framework of the group
* Monitor APAC region group companies Board and committee materials and highlight the key findings to the relevant teams
* Report both external risks (mainly Regulatory matters) and internal risks (mainly internal control and Operational risk matters) in APAC region to AP quarterly risk committee
* Monitor regulatory changes related to the regional business units, and to follow up the impact and action
* Support the group companies in early stage (e.g. Cambodia and Myanmar) to build up efficient and effective internal control system, (especially in the legal and compliance related areas)
* Promote compliance activities including conducting legal and Compliance training and workshops for AP and group companies in APAC region
* Provide advice on general corporate, regulatory, administrative, legal and compliance matters to AP and group companies in APAC region
* Provide advice on contracts and corporate resolutions to AP and group companies in APAC region
* Where necessary, engage and manage external counsel for general legal, regulatory and/or administrative matters and court proceedings in AP and group companies in APAC region

The Requirements:

* Degree in Law
* Fully qualified lawyer would be an advantage
* At least 7 years of prior working experience in the relevant field
* Have a legal & compliance manager experience in a life-insurance company / other-insurance company / bank
* Excellent communication skills
* Knowledge of internal control including legal and compliance
* Ability to understand life insurance industry in APAC region and broader business strategy

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