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Do you sometimes feel like you are being pulled apart trying to meet the demands and expectations of multiple parties around you at work and in your personal life? OK, we all know you can’t please all the people all the time, but how do you manage expectations placed upon you and those you place on others so that you create as many wins as possible?

When the highest standards are your own
Are you your own worst enemy? Are you putting too high an expectation of yourself and feeling a constant sense of failure when reality doesn’t measure up?

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When no one can meet your expectations
Do you find yourself constantly inwardly criticising your colleagues or boss at work because you think they should be doing more or should be more understanding? That makes for a pretty tough work life with a low rate of job satisfaction.

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When you can’t meet the expectation of others
There’s nothing worse than not being able to match up to others’ expectations of you. The feeling of failure can be all-consuming and the lack of trust people have in you can be demoralizing.

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As we have illustrated, expectations can have a very damaging effect in the workplace. So how can you manage them in a more positive manner?

Here’s a thought – drop the expectations!

If you live life without expectations and learn to accept yourself and others for who they are, you’ll find life a lot easier and happier. The expectations you have are simply your own view of what should be or happen and has no link to reality. It’s all fantasy and when things don’t happen as you think they should in your head, you are only setting yourself up for stress, anger and irritation. As the adage goes, learn to accept the things you cannot change, just let it be.

When the highest standards are your own – learn to accept yourself where you are at right now. Celebrate improvements instead of focusing on defeats.

When no one can meet your expectations – learn to not expect from others. You have no control over them or their journey. If your colleagues are underperforming, adopt an open communication approach to avoid possible bad feelings and strains on the relationship.

When you can’t meet the expectations of others – manage people’s expectations by always under-promising so that you can wow by over-delivering.

Posted On 2015-09-30